At Kids By Design Preschool, our curriculum is developed according to the interests and ideas of the children, as well as the attentive observations of the teacher to see the developmental needs of the group. It is influenced by the various cultures reflected in the classroom environment as well as the values of the teacher. By incorporating an emergent curriculum model, the teacher will follow the children’s lead and introduce new and exciting activities based on their interests. This approach of learning sustains the children’s concentration level and deepens their explorations. Such collaboration produces an enriched curriculum that is meaningful for both the students and teacher.


Our preschool believes that each child is gifted with a special intelligence. Based on Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory on multiple intelligences, each child falls into one or more of the following categories:

  • Linguistic intelligence – Ability to learn languages
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence – Capacity to analyze problems and investigate things scientifically
  • Musical intelligence – Skill to recognize, perform, and compose musical patterns and pitches
  • Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence – Ability to use mental aptitude to coordinate bodily movements
  • Spatial intelligence – Skill to interpret information, develop and create ideas using visual and observable things
  • Interpersonal intelligence – Capability to understand the intentions, motivations and desires of other people
  • Intrapersonal intelligence – Ability to understand one’s own personal feelings and motivations
  • Naturalistic intelligence – Ability to recognize patterns and relationships to nature

Kids By Design Preschool will facilitate your child’s unique style of learning and intelligence by introducing different ways of exploring and learning. Components of our curriculum will include:

  • Science experiments
  • Cooking sessions
  • Music and movement
  • Field trips and in-class workshops
  • Circle time
  • Cultural celebrations
  • Community and compassion projects
  • Story reading time
  • Life skills training e.g. learning about personal hygiene, healthy eating, physical fitness, stranger danger, and many more
  • Creative art projects
  • Pre-math concepts
  • Activity Centers e.g. math, science, dramatic play, puzzles, table top manipulatives, block play, art station

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