• Our daughter Gracie has been attending the 3-day program for the last 2 years at Kids by Design Preschool. We are so happy that we found such a loving, caring, creative and intelligent teacher in Miss Sandra. She is capable of making every learning situation valuable and relevant to her learners. She draws from their imagination to create activities that are not only effective but super fun. Gracie looks forward to going to school everyday. She loves building igloos, acting in plays, singing songs, doing science experiments, going on field trips, doing bead work, learning about different cultures and their holidays, playing shopping, rescue dog, pet shop, baking cookies and getting to print her name on all her amazing art projects. Everyday is a new adventure for Gracie and that is what learning is all about. Thank you Miss Sandra and Kids by Design for creating these adventures. – Kellie B.
  • It has been a pleasure to have had our daughter in your preschool, Kids By Design, for these last two years.  Your preparedness, creativity, and enthusiasm for each day and for each individual student made our daughter eager to return each school day.  It has been exciting to see our daughter develop a love for learning and even more valuable was seeing her grow in her desire to want to learn more.  Thank you for being a wonderful teacher and for putting your heart into your work!  You have touched Naomi’s and our family’s lives forever. – Elaine C.
  • Kids by Design is the best preschool we could ever find for our daughter. She is there for the second year now and she loves it there. Miss Sandra is great with children and our daughter loves her. There are only eight children in the class, which is great. They do a lot of different creative activities and they prepare for the school actively. Our daughter learned a lot and she couldn’t be happier. I would recommend Kids by Design to everybody who looks for a high quality preschool. – Mirka B.
  • Kids By Design is undoubtedly the best  discovery I have ever made and I am so amazed and proud of our daughter Mira’s progress.  She has absolutely thrived in the nurturing, loving environment that Miss Sandra creates, in everything that she does.  Not only has Mira developed a stronger sense of personal identity, she is fully conscious of social responsibility and eagerly tackles problems with confidence and creativity.  Whenever I have had questions or concerns, Miss Sandra was readily available for discussions, despite my tedious work schedule.  Always professional and incredibly resourceful, Miss Sandra was certainly proactive when we felt Mira required additional support through speech therapy.  Miss Sandra is methodical in her approach and delivery of current preschool curriculum, yet flexible and innovative based on the interests and enthusiasm of her students.  Mira can’t wait to go to school, and truly misses her beloved Miss Sandra as school holidays stretch on over Christmas, or summer break. – Jennifer F.
  • Our son has had the privilege of attending Kids by Design preschool for almost two years. We have seen Miss Sandra’s gentle and kind ways with her students and their families in many situations. She has a genuine love for teaching young children. Her calm nature carries through the classroom environment. Miss Sandra creates meaningful and thoughtful lessons with opportunities to focus and learn about the students and their families. The preschool classroom is spotless, safe and organized. Often new activities are found waiting for students on their arrival creating an excitement as they explore something new. Miss Sandra values family involvement and communication with parents is frequent. Our son has grown with Miss Sandra’s nurturing and guidance -we are thankful for the wonderful beginning to his many years of learning! – Claire B.
  • My youngest son has been a part of Kids By Design preschool for the past two years and I couldn’t be happier with it. The quality of care and broad spectrum of learning tactics that Miss Sandra provides have kept him totally engaged and loving every minute of it. Not only am I completely thrilled that we found Kids By Design preschool but I personally recommend it to anyone with preschoolers. Thank you Miss Sandra! – Sabrina N.
  • I can’t say enough about how wonderful an experience it has been for our children, who have been fortunate to call Kids By Design their preschool!  Miss Sandra has made her school into a space that helps little ones new to the school experience feel loved and cared for, and allows them to explore and learn about the world around them.  Our children have blossomed into kind, caring, sharing and respectful little people.  They have both loved going to school and were excited to share with us the fun and imaginative things that they were able to do each day.  The school days are filled with learning experiences that are geared towards topics and themes that the children are interested in.  I am amazed at how Miss Sandra can turn her classroom into a race track, farm, restaurant, or hair salon at the drop of the hat and use those themes to teach cooperation, brainstorming, mathematics, fine motor and life skills.  Thank you Miss Sandra & Miss Maggie for helping our kids prepare for kindergarten and make so many lovely memories along the way! – Taira B.

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